NAWCC National Research Ch. 174


I. Statement of Purpose

The purposes of the Chapter are:

1. To enhance the enjoyment of the watch collecting hobby in an atmosphere of mutual respect, collegiality and sharing.

2. To foster and support collaborative horological research of interest to pocket watch collectors, and to record and publish said research through the BULLETIN and other NAWCC venues.

The conduct of Chapter members and officers shall at all times be consistent with these purposes.


II. General Operation:

A. The Chapter shall meet at least twice a year. The Annual Meeting shall take place at and during the NAWCC National Convention. Other meetings shall take place during NAWCC Regional meetings.

B. The Chapter shall be directed by an Executive Board consisting of Chapter officers and members as described in Section III. Executive board meetings shall take place during NAWCC National Conventions and regionals, and shall be open to all Chapter members to the limits that scheduling and space allow.

C. The Annual Meeting shall have two parts. The first part will be a business meeting, in which only Chapter members in good standing may participate. The second part will be the educational program. The business meeting shall include a President's report, the reading of the previous Chapter meeting and Executive Board meeting minutes, a Treasurer's report, committee reports (if any), new and old business. announcements. and election of officers.

D When not otherwise specified in these bylaws, all Chapter business shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order.

E In order to transact business, a quorum must be present. A quorum shall consist of the lesser of:

F All motions shall be decided by a simple majority of members present and voting, except for bylaw changes, which shall require a majority of the total chapter membership.

G All votes on "substantive" motions must have been scheduled by the Executive Board in advance, and all Chapter members must have received written notification of the motion at least two weeks prior to the vote. "Substantive" motions shall include bylaw changes; any motion involving an expenditure of more than $500 for a nonroutine purpose; as well as any policy matter deemed by the Chapter President or other presiding officer to fall into that category. (Provision II.G is waived for the June, 1997 inaugural meeting in Atlanta, at which substantive motions will be in order without prior written notification.)

H As a means of keeping business meetings short and enfranchising the broader membership, the Executive Board may, at its discretion, process substantive motions and/or by-law changes via mail referenda.


III. Executive Board:

A. The Executive Board (henceforth, EB) shall consist of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Archivist, the immediate past president, and the chairs of all standing committees the Executive Board may see fit to create.

B. The EB shall set public and financial policy, subject to the Chapter and national NAWCC by-laws and Constitution, and Chapter resolutions. Specifically, the EB shall approve the recommendations of the Vice President for Chapter programs, set Chapter meeting dates, schedule substantive motions for discussion at Chapter business meetings, initiate referenda, review and approve expenditures, and appoint temporary and standing committees as needed to conduct the business of the Chanter.

C. The EB shall, through the Treasurer, make payments for routine expenses, such as those associated with Chapter meetings and guest speakers, without need of approval of the general membership. Expenditures for all other purposes in excess of $250 shall require Chapter approval.

D. At least three EB members, exclusive of committee chairs, must be present to conduct an EB meeting. The EB may approve the use of proxies for specific issues. All issues at EB meetings requiring votes shall be decided by a simple majority, except that the President, or other presiding officer shall decide the issue in the event the EB vote is tied. All Chapter members in good standing may attend EB meetings, subject to limitations of space.

E. For emergent situations requiring prompt action between EB meetings, the presiding officer may poll the other EB members by telephone, and act on the mandate of the majority. If the matter in question is of a continuing nature, and it is one that would otherwise have required a vote of the membership, a vote of approval shall be sought from the general membership at the earliest practical date, via any of the means prescribed in Section II.


IV. Officers:

A. Chapter officers are to be elected directly by the membership at the annual meeting. All officers shall serve for a term of two years, beginning and ending at Annual Meetings. Chapter officers may not serve consecutive terms in the same office, and may not stand for election to more than one office at a time.

B. The President shall be the official spokesperson for the Chapter. The President shall preside over EB and Chapter meetings. He/she shall be empowered to create temporary and standing committees, subject to the approval of the EB at its next meeting, and to appoint the committee chairs. The President shall appoint replacements for any EB office that becomes vacant, these to serve until the next scheduled election. The President shall be authorized to direct the Treasurer to spend up to $250 for any Chapter business without prior approval of the EB.

C. The Vice President shall preside over EB and Chapter meetings in the President's absence, and shall assume the powers and responsibilities of the President if he/she resigns, is incapacitated, or becomes derelict in his/her duties prior to completion of their term. The VP and/or his/her designees also shall be responsible for organizing the educational programs at Chapter meetings.

D. The Secretary or his/her designee shall record minutes at all EB and Chapter business meetings. The Secretary shall maintain the Chapter mailing list, be responsible for all mailings, and maintain records of the Chapter meeting minutes and bylaw changes (if any.) The secretary shall assume the presidency in the event that both the president's and vice president's offices become vacant or untended.

E. The Treasurer and/or his/her designees shall maintain the Chapter checking account and other financial assets (if any,) write all checks for Chapter expenditures, collect membership fees and annual dues, issue an annual financial report, and prepare and submit any documents required by the IRS.

F. The Archivist and his/her designees shall be the custodian of all Chapter property; shall maintain a complete set of all Chapter publications; and shall prepare and issue submittals to the NAWCC Bulletin Chapter Highlights Section.



V. Miscellaneous:

A. Reimbursement Policy: Chapter members may be reimbursed for expenses only, upon submittal of proper third party receipts to the Treasurer. Personal labor is not reimbursable.

B. Fees and Dues: All fees and dues are to be determined by the general membership at the Annual Meeting.

D. Elections Policy: At least three months prior to a scheduled election, the President, in consultation with the EB, shall appoint an Elections Committee consisting of at least two Chapter members in good standing. The Elections Committee shall not include individuals intending to stand for office in the coming election. The committee shall be charged with recruiting at least one qualified candidate for each elected EB post. All candidates must be members in good standing of the Chapter, and of the N.A.W.C.C. Other Chapter members may place themselves in nomination by identifying themselves to the committee. A mailing will precede each election in which the candidates thus far identified are listed. Additional nominations will be taken from the floor at the Annual Meeting, immediately prior to the election. All contested elections shall be conducted by secret ballot. (For the inaugural meeting, the Founding Committee shall be considered to have served as the Elections Committee.)

E. Charter Members: Any individual joining the Chapter prior to June 19, 1997 shall receive the honorary designation of "Charter Member." No special rights or privileges accompany this designation.

F. Ejection/Suspension/Expulsion Policy: Crude, abusive, or disruptive behavior, or behavior otherwise inconsistent with the goals of the Chapter enumerated in Section I shall be grounds for ejection from meetings and/or suspension and expulsion from the Chapter. The presiding officer of the meeting shall be empowered to eject miscreants from the meeting. The EB may suspend a membership for up to one year, pursuant to a permanent expulsion by a vote of the general membership.