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2006 Symposium


 Great American Watches

The general criterion for this table is the best watch the company made at the time in a given size plus an outstanding watch on general merits. Items in yellow on blue are very rare with fewer than 10 known. To make your suggestions go here

Maker Models & Grades
Waltham Isochronon Helical, Model KW18, KW20 Stratton, KW20 Fogg, KW20 Vibrator, KW16 Stratton, KW16 Fogg, KW16 Vibrator, KW16 Nickel, 1868, 1872, 1872 Woerd's Patent, 1888, OM, 1894, 1899 American Grade; 1888 Riverside Maximus; 1908 Premier Maximus, Woerd's 1869 Patent Dustproof
Elgin Grade 72, 91, 155, 156, 161, 162, C. H. Hulburd, 190, 194
Illinois Grade 105, 105 5th pinion, Illini 23J, 409, 410
Hamilton Model 938, 939, 946, 947, 950P, 951, 994, 900, Masterpiece, 400
United States Marion Model 1 Frederic Atherton (first run 19J), United States 19J; Model 2 United States
United States Waltham President Grade
E. Howard & Co. Model 1858 (Series I & 2, Divided Plate), Chronometer, Isochronon Helical, Model 1872 Nickel Adjusted (series IV),
E. Howard Watch Co. Edward Howard
Nashua KW20, KW16
New York Springfield, E. W. Bond
Mozart 3 Wheel Watch
Seth Thomas Henry Molineaux
Bowman Bowman Watch
Rockford Grade 19 Ruby Jewel, 505, 500
South Bend Polaris
Columbus Ruby
Gruen Dietrich Gruen, 50th Anniversary
Adams & Perry 20J Gilt, 20J Nickel, 20J "Two Tone"
Lancaster Watch Co. 20J Nickel
Keystone Watch Co. 20J Dustproof
Aurora 15 Ruby Jewel, 15 Ruby Jewel 5th pinion
Cornell Watch Co.
Cornell San Francisco
J. P Stevens
G. P. Reed Chronometer
McIntyre McIntyre Watch
Charles DeLong Patent Models